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Classic Cigar Art is a Las Vegas based business that specializes in merchandising genuine, authentic and timeless cigar box labels primarily made by the intricate and lost art of stone lithography and generally over 100 years old. Our extensive collection is the perfect gift, award recognition or decoration for the lover of antique art from yesteryear. It has taken over 35 years to amass this excellent and rare collection of art. We unconditionally certify all of our labels as genuine, and provide a money-back guarantee (see terms and conditions for full details). Take a walk back in time and view the world as these first mass-marketers in America did. Once you do, we think you will agree that this unusual and limited art compilation (as recently as 30 years ago it was estimated that less than 3 million original labels remain) is the perfect gift for those that appreciate artwork from the turn-of-the century.