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Title and designed registered by M&N Cigar Mfgrs. Inc., Cleveland, OH. This label was found in the warehouse of the M&N Cigar Mfgrs. in Cleveland when they moved to Tampa. This great harness or trotter race horse, born in California in 1883 became one of the two best known cigar label horses, appearing on boxes for over half a century. His record time is noted on the label which he won in Sacramento in 1885 as a 2 year old.
Embossing and genuine 22k gold

Period: 1920s
Market: United States
Lithographer: Consoliated Litho
Printing Process: Stone Lithography
Label Size: 6-1/2"x8-1/4"
Extras: Embossing and genuine 22k gold

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Antique Gold
Bottom Mat

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